Saturday, May 15, 2010

University Graduation Announcement

Graduation Announcement
My best friend from high school asked me to do a huge favor for her. She was graduating and wanted to know if I'd do her announcements. On one hand I was flattered that she wanted me to make them, and then on the other hand I was going what the crap are you thinking, you've never made anything like this before. So formal. I TANSY am not a formal kind of person... I'm a very casual and laid back kind of gal... Formal is not me, so this was a big stretch for me. After many many nights on my knees begging for inspiration as to what to do, this is what I came up with. I had to hand cut the little design on the card because the size would waste a lot of paper if I did it on my die cut machine, but if I hand traced and cut it, I could get 2 cards from one sheet instead of 1 card from one sheet. When you're trying to do your best and keep costs down, you have to sacrifice... Anyway, I found some gold paper for the middle, and I glimmer misted the Colonial White cardstock with irridescent gold. Then I did my magic and embossed in gold. I used the Key to my Heart stamp set for the vine on the front, and the inside of the card. It's sized so that you can send it in a small standard envy, or you can seal it and send it as is. I was quite pleased with how "formal" they actually turned out, especially for a casual girl like me...

Here's a pic of the inside of the announcement...

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