Friday, September 24, 2010

Candy Corn Wreath Inspired by Woman's Day Magazine

I've been trying to come up with crafty things to decorate my home for Halloween. As soon as I saw the current issue of Woman's Day magazine, I knew I had to make that wreath!

Then to make it a little more festive, I added some vinyl that I cut out with my Silhouette Digital Die Cut Machine. I'm learning more and more each time I use it. Considering I've had it 3 years, I should learn how to use it, right. It was my first time cutting with the Quikutz vinyl, and I have to say it was quite nice. I've cut with other types of vinyl but with not as good results. I also learned that when you cut out an image, you can double cut it to get a really good consistent cut.

I bet you'd like me to tell you how to make it don't you! Well because I'm nice here's the instructions:

Supplies needed:
Foam Wreath (Check the $ store, I got mine from HL and it was pricey $8 pricey)
Black Duct Tape (About $4 a roll) you'll have extra left over for a friend or 2.
2 large bags candy corn (you'll get your fill from the broken ones, trust me)
Hot Glue Gun
2 yards of 2 inch wide ribbon for a long pretty bow (I only used 1 yard and it wasn't enough for a bow)

Start by wrapping the wreath with the duct tape all the way around. It doesn't have to be perfectly smooth, because there won't be a lot of the black showing when you finish.

Open the candy corn and hide, or you will be the most popular person in your house. It's like they can smell it a mile away. I said 2 bags because my husband and kids ate half of the other one so I didn't quite have enough to finish it from one bag. You also need to consider broken ones, and not so perfect candy corns. I was sick from eating so many broken ones by the time I finished. I got my fill for the year.

Lay out your candy corns in a design across the wreath. This way you get an idea of how you want it to look. Refer to the pic of the magazine cover to see how they are strategically placed. Start your first row with the point going to the left and the next row to the right and so on.

Start gluing down the candies to the wreath. Be sure to glue them down good, because they can pop off. When you get all the way around, leave a space about 2 candy corns wide for the ribbon. Continue alternating directions of candy corn with each row. You will cover the top, front and middle of the wreath. It will get heavy as you fill it up. But oh it looks so cute!

Finish it off with a pretty bow and hang it from your door, window or wherever.

To hang mine, I took a decorative hook for your walls, and hung it from the top of the window
well area. I had to use longer screws for it so that it had a good hold, and move my blinds back 3/4" of an inch. But I like that there's a hook there all the time to hang a wreath from or lights. Nobody can tell there's even a hook there because the blinds cover it.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Studio J from Close to my Heart

I wanted to post my school layout I did with Close to my Hearts exclusive digital scrapbooking program Studio J.

Want to find out what it's all about? Simply go to my website, and click on Studio J on the left hand side. Once there, create a username and password. It costs nothing to play with it. Here's another great bonus, we have an app for your Iphone, Ipad, etc. You can scrapbook on the go! I've done several layouts with it, and can honestly say, it's really user friendly. Just upload your pictures, select the paper packet. Next you'll select the layout. Here's where I look at how many pictures I want to use, and select my layout according to that. I'm all about getting as many pictures on the page, without losing sight of what's important. As you can see in this layout, you can clearly see the excitement build as the bus is seen coming down our road to pick them up. I have a lot of pictures on there, but they tell a story with each and every one. Now you get to start creating your layout. Just drag your pictures to the photo boxes, or if you want to, you can edit or enhance your photos right in the programs photo editing section.

It's 13.95 a layout, which is 2 pages, or with a 1 year membership, it's only 6.50, which includes printing, and a jpeg. If you only want the jpeg, with a membership it's only 3.00, and you can upload it to any photo printing website, or take it to your local photo printing shop and get it printed out yourself. You can find out more info about memberships and such at Studio J's website. Just select FAQ's at the top of the page.